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July 4, 2023



Date: June 5, 2023

Vinitácora announces the launch of its new book: “Wines and Wineries of Baja California, Mexico: Ensenada and Tecate Wine Route”.

Ensenada, Baja California, May 21, 2023 – Vionda (Lorena Hernández), renowned sommelier, illustrator and expert in the field of wine in Mexico, is pleased to announce the release of her latest masterpiece: “Vinitácora: Wines and Wineries of Baja California, Mexico: Ensenada and Tecate Wine Route”. This practical book offers readers a simple, accessible narrative and a wealth of valuable information and data for both experts and those interested in the world of wine.

The new edition of Vinitácora of the Baja California wine route marks an important milestone in the career of Vionda, who for the past 8 years has captivated readers with his previous editions and has received praise for his ability to translate complex topics and language into understandable graphics and illustrations for all types of audiences. On this occasion, Vinitácora takes us on a journey through the different wine routes of the cities of Ensenada and Tecate in Baja California, presenting information on more than 80 of the most outstanding wineries, their wines and indispensable details to get to know the leading wine-producing region in the country, as well as its most outstanding valleys and cities.

This new bilingual edition (English and Spanish) of “Vinitácora: Wines and Wineries of Baja California, Mexico: Ensenada and Tecate Wine Route” is not only a wine and winery guide, but also an informative tool and a personal journal, encouraging readers to make their own notes and opinions about the Mexican wines they taste, whether for future reference, vintage or varietal comparisons, or simply to remember and recommend their favorite wines.

This new hybrid edition (digital and print) has information from more than 800 labels of reference of the more than 80 wineries The book includes the 5 favorite wines from each of them and additional digital content from each of the wineries at no additional cost. This digital content includes more labels, videos, photos, maps and other resources available through a new online application with exclusive access for readers of the book.

book vinitacora wines and wineries of baja california

Portada y contra portada de la nueva edición de Vinitacora de Baja California


Through his distinctive style and illustrations, Vionda invites readers to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of wine in Mexico, explore the wine routes and discover the famous Guadalupe Valley, known as the “Napa Valley of Mexico” by the acclaimed Forbes magazine. Through an illustrated, plain-language guide, the author shares practical details, highlights and recommendations about wines, wineries and the wine route in general.

El lanzamiento oficial en México de “Vinitácora: Vinos y Vinícolas de Baja California, México: Ruta del Vino de Ensenada y Tecate”, tuvo lugar el 21 de abril de 2023 en el Hotel Coral y Marina en Ensenada, Baja California, durante las celebraciones del Festival de las Conchas y el Vino Nuevo 2023, organizado por Provino AC. Durante el evento, los asistentes tuvieron la oportunidad de conocer a la autora, escuchar sus palabras y adquirir una copia firmada de la obra. El libro estará disponible a la venta a partir de junio de 2023 en México, así como en Estados Unidos a través de la tienda en línea y otros canales de venta.

Vinitácora has gained a prominent place in the world of wine thanks to its unique content and its editions on regions and wine routes in other states of the country, as is the edition of Vinitácora Querétaro. With “Vinitácora: Wines and Wineries of Baja California, Mexico: Ensenada and Tecate Wine Route”, Vinitácora continues to consolidate its position as one of the best and most complete wine and winery books and guides in Mexico.

For more information on the launch of the recent edition of Vinitácora and other editions, visit the official website at https://vinitacora.mx/.


About Vinitácora:

Vinitácora is a communication, design and marketing company, proudly Mexican and with presence in Mexico and the United States. Since its creation in 2015, Vinitácora has been at the forefront of transforming the wine tourism industry and marked a milestone by presenting in 2016 the first complete guide to wine routes in Mexico, with its first edition dedicated to Baja California.

Vinitácora offers wine enthusiasts the opportunity to embark on an extraordinary journey, exploring Mexico’s diverse wine regions, tasting their exquisite flavors and sharing their experiences with a vibrant global community. With Vinitácora, discovering the richness of Mexico’s wine culture has never been so easy, accessible and dynamic.


Vionda: (Lorena Hernández) Author and founder of Vinitácora.

Entrepreneur, designer and editorial illustrator Vionda is also a certified sommelier and an outstanding communicator of Mexican wine.

With extensive experience in the field, Vionda has published five books on different wine regions in Mexico, establishing himself as a reference in the field. He holds international certifications such as WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust), AWE (American Wine Expert) in Napa, CA. among others, that support his expertise and in-depth knowledge of wine, further enriching his ability to share valuable information with readers. Her knowledge and experience in the world of wine have also led her to participate as a judge and taster in various prestigious competitions and events.


Fabian Jauregui: Co-founder and Digital Marketing Director of Vinitácora®.

Fabian brings more than fifteen years of experience in entrepreneurship, technology and marketing projects. With a Master’s degree in Wine Business from Sonoma University in the United States. He also serves as director of photography for Vinitácora® and is an active contributor to wine producer organizations and associations in the California wine industry.


Press contact:

Fabian Jauregui



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