Zinfandel grapes in Mexico – Recommendation

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November 20, 2021


Mexican red wines made with Zinfandel grapes

This variety (grape) originates from the coast of Dalmatia in Croatia and is known as Crljenak Kaštelanski.

The Zinfandel grape is very popular in California, USA and has almost 70% of the world’s production, especially in the Sonoma, Napa, Paso Robles and Lodi regions. It is here where many old vines over 100 years old, known as Old Vines, can be found.

The Zinfandel grape has many similarities with the primitive variety grown in Puglia in Italy. This is why the European Union formally recognized in 1999 that both zinfandel and primitivo grapes are the same variety.

The zinfandel variety is most commonly used for wine blends in which it is combined with cabernet sauvignon, merlot and Syrah.

It is also very common to find 100% Zinfandel wines mainly for rosé wines such as the famous Mexican “White Zinfandel” wine from LA Cetto Winery. But there are also very good exponents of red wines (not rosé) 100% Zinfandel mainly in the Baja California region.

That said, here are some suggestions of three spectacular Mexican 100% Zinfandel red wines from the Baja California region, that you can NOT miss 👉🏻

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