About the Author

My name is Vionda and I have been a graphic designer for more than 12 years, specializing in commercial and social digital illustration.

I am a wine professional and I have specialized in Mexican wine for 8 years.

I have written four books about the wine regions in Mexico and I have participated as a judge and taster in different competitions at the national level. Currently I have developed as an ambassador and promoter of Mexican wine, conducting courses, talks and tastings in Sonoma, California.

I am certified as by: WSET, AWE by Napa Valley Wine Academy, World Wide Sommelier Association and Organización Nacional de Sommeliers de Mexico (ONSOM).

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The team



Author | Illustrator | Graphic Designer | Art Director | Entrepreneur| Wine Expert

Creative, restless and enterprising mind, with a “serious” fixation towards perfection and detail (“serious” I mean that he does not sleep until something has finished convincing him).

Graphic designer, visual communicator and expert in the conceptualization of each of the ideas that come to mind. Passionate illustrator, tireless traveler, wine lover, and a bit obsessed with promoting people to meet and drink more Mexican wine (in fact, Vinitácora was the result of that).

If you say “wine”, she will magically appear immediately, but if she doesn’t, it is because she will surely be stroking a cat that has crossed her path. Cheers!

Fabian Jauregui

Fabian Jauregui

Coauthor | Marketer & Digital Strategist | Photo & Videographer | Content Creator |Entrepreneur| MBA

Problem solver, passionate creative and born entrepreneur. Marketer with more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing from the creation of several startups to executing marketing plans and productions for large brands such as Ferrero, Google, Visa, among others.

Possessor of a great ability to convince. Developer of everything you can imagine, self-taught and a todologist at the same time. Socializing is your must, so if you don’t have a person in front of you to talk to, you will surely do it with the closest chair. If you are not in front of a screen, be it your cell phone, camera or monitor, you will surely be bowling.

His most recent acquisition, a Master of Wine Business in Sonoma, California. So if he doesn’t drink the wine, he will surely sell it to you. Watch out for this guy …