Wines from Aguascalientes to celebrate the Day of the Dead

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November 22, 2023

The Day of the Dead in Mexico is celebrated every year on November 2 and is undoubtedly the most iconic tradition in our country.

The purpose is to honor all our loved ones who are no longer with us, through the creation of altars dedicated to them where offerings and the photo of the deceased person are placed in the belief that their soul will return to visit us during that day.

Having said that, here are three suggestions of Mexican wines from Aguascalientes, which will undoubtedly be a temptation for our loved ones to come and visit us on the Day of the Dead for these delicious offerings:



“As you like it”: Sauvignon blanc 75 %, Muscat 25 % (dry orange wine)

* The orange wine is a style of wine that is made from white grapes and elabroado as red wine: contact with the skins during processing, that is why the orange color.

“Weird and fun, perfect for those looking to try new things.”

Appearance: Light orange and cloudy due to its elaboration process (unfiltered).

Nose: Very aromatic, with all kinds of aromas. Citrus fruits such as candied orange and grapefruit peel, spices such as saffron, cinnamon,

Palate: Dry, fresh, balanced, smooth and well structured.

Ideal for: salads, matured cheeses, spicy food, pizzas or on its own.

Project: Las del naranja



Anonymous: Riesling 100% (dry white wine)

*Maceration with skins for 48 hours / Aging 1,100-liter earthenware vessel

“Elegant and original wine, perfect to look good at any dinner with friends.”

Appearance: Clean, bright, pale yellow.

Nose: Flowers and herbs, lemon tea, eucalyptus, fig, almonds. Citrus and tropical fruits.

Palate: Dry and full-bodied. Friendly to the palate, delicate and pleasant acidity.

Ideal for: Asian food specifically sushi, nigiris. Light or creamy pastas and white meats prepared with lemon or a delicate citrus touch. Lemon pie for those with a sweet tooth.

Project: Anonymous:



Reborujo: 100% Malbec (dry red wine) / 16 months in white French oak barrels.

“Unpretentious wine but with good character”.

Appearance: vibrant and clean purple red.

Nose: fresh red fruits, subtle wood, vanilla, spices, black pepper.

Palate: Dry. A party in the mouth. Lots of fruit, good acidity and good body.

Ideal for: Mature cheeses, n or very fatty cuts, juicy dishes.

Vinícola El Aguaje:

FOR YOU, WHICH WOULD BE YOUR FAVORITE? Write it in the comments!


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