How to get to the wine route in Baja California?

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February 11, 2023

¿Cómo llegar a la ruta del vino en Baja California?

Sugerencias para encontrar la mejor forma de llegar a la ruta del vino en Baja California

Lately everyone is talking about Valle de Guadalupe and the wine route in Baja California but few people tell you the best way to get there. Here we have prepared a small guide with photos to give you a better idea of how to get to the wine route in Baja California either from the interior of Mexico or from the United States, without losing your head or your wallet.


The Tijuana Airport has grown and modernized in recent years to become one of the best in the country.

From the interior of Mexico:

Flying to Tijuana International Airport: Almost all domestic airlines fly to Tijuana. I recommend that you search for deals online and buy your flight at least 4-5 weeks in advance.


From the United States:


IMPORTANT: There are many ways to cross from the United States to Mexico by land, either walking or by car, it all depends on how you travel. You can cross at the San Ysidro Garita, the Otay Garita and the Tecate Garita. Check the waiting times for crossing on these pages.

Playas de Tijuana: This is what one of the roads to Ensenada looks like, this is right on the border.

Fly to the San Diego airport and cross the border by car or on foot:

It is relatively fast.

From San Diego airport to Ensenada is approximately 2.5 hours by car.


It can be a little confusing to cross into Tijuana if you don’t speak Spanish, but a map like Google or ours helps a lot.

TIP: Important when renting a car in the United States, do not forget to tell the company that you are going to cross into Mexico and pay the highest protection so that the insurance covers you for any incident. Your normal U.S. insurance is not always valid in Mexico, unless you apply for it beforehand.

Fly direct to Guadalajara or Monterrey and take another connecting flight to Tijuana.

It is very safe, since you don’t leave airports if you don’t want to. The trip may be longer and more tiring due to waiting times.

Crossing the Garita through Tecate is very fast and there are no lines, just take the turnoff from San Diego.

TIP: Keep in mind that, if you fly with a stopover in Mexico City and then connect to Tijuana, you may have problems at the airport and long lines at immigration. If you do, we suggest that you do not put valuables in your checked bag as there may be a risk that it will not arrive at your final destination.




Pay Road Tijuana - Ensenada more or less through Rosarito
Pay Road Tijuana – Ensenada more or less through Rosarito


Book in advance on the internet and at a recognized car agency. There are many services that offer cheaper cars, but they are not very safe and can complicate your trip. Contact us through our website and we will send you our recommendations.

Choose a tall, air-conditioned car or truck as you will be spending a lot of time on unpaved or dirt roads.

There is a free highway and a toll highway. The toll highway is in very good condition and has incredible panoramic scenery, the free highway is also in good condition, but it will take you longer because there is more traffic and it is used by residents.

There are 3 toll booths on the toll road. The prices of the booths are $50 pesos per booth and there are 3 booths. Don’t forget to ask for your ticket at checkout.

There are only two gas stations in the Valle de Guadalupe route area, so we suggest you refuel when you can.

Be careful in rainy weather (winter). Dirt roads can be difficult and slippery.

Make sure you have Mexican insurance and car parts in good condition. The roads may have some potholes and speed bumps. And remember not to leave anything of value inside the car.

TIP: CARRY CASH. Whether in pesos or dollars, Mexico is a country where cash is most commonly used. Particularly in border areas, the dollar is used in all businesses. Also carry your credit cards, but not all places accept them.





Tijuana – Ensenada Scenic Highway – Ensenada Toll Section

Bus service is comfortable and reliable. We highly recommend using the ABC transports brand (red with blue) These have departures from inside the airport, downtown Tijuana and also 100 meters from the San Ysidro border crossing. Ideal for when you are walking across. The cost is $250 pesos and they leave almost every hour in the direction of Ensenada to the central bus station.

You can also ask for an UBER or platform services, these are faster and can save you time. Just make sure your driver has good evaluations and always check that the car’s license plates match your application. Fares range from $800 to $1500 one way. UBERS and platform services cannot enter the airport so you would have to take them outside, they usually ask you to walk out.

Although there is a cab or colectivo service, we cannot give our opinion on their service because there have been problems with tourists in the past.




Use only reputable companies with good reviews. Contact us through our website and we will pass on our current recommendations such as Wine Eat and Travel.

La cuidad de Ensenada es una parada obligada en tu visita a la ruta del vino.
Un chofer pasa por ustedes al aeropuerto y los llevan a su hotel y a cada una de las vinícolas que ustedes decidan. El mismo se encarga de regresar al aeropuerto, solo planéalo bien y considera los tiempos de espera.

It is highly recommended if there are more than 4 people or if you do not want to worry about driving. The cost is approximately $1,500 pesos per day for services of 6 to 8 hours per day. If you want more time, arrange with your driver for extra costs. If you received good service, don’t forget to tip your driver, he will be very grateful! The area lives from tourism.

TIP: Ask your driver for a cooler in the car and ask him to buy natural water and snacks for the road. If you want to leave your belongings in the car, let the driver know so that he/she can be alert to avoid theft.



The view from Cava Maciel:


We will continue to update this small guide on how to get to the Guadalupe Valley. Write us what you would like to know HERE and we will gladly add it.

Learn more about how to get there and what to visit in our new edition of Vinitacora Baja California, you can find out more HERE


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